Kuruskah dia?

Blk dr keje Rabu lepas,13th may, we went to the clinic for Qistina’s 1 year routine check up. Rs mcm lama dah tak g clinic ni. hehe…bkn la mintak nk g hari2 kan, cuma tu la tandanya Qis da lama tak sakit or what so ever. Smp bole Doc pun ckp lama tak nmpk kami…see???..hehe..

Everything went well until the paed weight her. to my surprised, she lost nearly 1kg!…it is not to what we expect at all 😦  rs sedih betul la…mmg time tu upset sgt smp berubah muka ai. Ye la..mau taknye…expect dia dlm 9kg+, aleh2 8kg shj! The range for 1year old baby should be around 7.9kg –(berapa x igt la pulak)kg x silap… yg pasti 7.9 is the min weight la. Qis is only 8kg, means only 0.1kg above the border line je.

The Doc advice us to change her milk if we want her to gain her weight a bit. Changing her formula was already in our planned when she turned 1. Our opt is back to the old formula; SNOW. She consumed this before she had the pneumonia. Since she admitted, we gave her ISOMIL; by Doc advise too. But heck, it is waayyy too expensive for us! Had to bear the cost for the last 6 months, tell u!

But now, hasrat nk tukar ke SNOW mcm terpksa ditangguhkan dulu nmpknya. Doc suggest utk tukar ke PEDIASURE pulak. Dia ckp one feeding = one meal. So mcm bole memberi sinar harapan kt kami utk tgk qis tembam cam dulu..hihi…

So kita tggu la hasilnya sebulan dr sekarang ye?..jeng jeng jeng…

p/s: anda, anda dan anda, jika ada yg membaca, normal ke berat baby mcm tu yea?


One Response

  1. hi shy….

    thank for the comment…sesamalah kita berblog yerk…akak baru giler berjinak dlm dunia “BLOG” nih..saja mengisi masa lapang…

    pasal anak shy same with my son…dier pun susut berat badan…tp akak kasi minum SIMILAC GAIN…so far oklah…Pediasure pun ok..cousin akak pun ckp ok..coz anak dier pun minum pediasure…

    gud luck…hopefully Qistina bertambah montel yerk….

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